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Locomostrip Theme for DestroyTwitter

Locomostrip Theme for DestroyTwitter

I made Locomostrip theme for DestroyTwitter. What is DestroyTwitter? It's a Twitter application just like TweetDeck. Why I choose DestroyTwitter over TweetDeck? Nothing, just personal taste.

How to install theme? Go to Preferences > Open themes directory... then copy the Locomostrip.css to that directory.

I hope you like it.

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Ride a Helicopter

I want ride helicopter so badly

Credit to Putri Kartika Sari for the inspiration.

Fundraiser Coin Box

Remember my pray for Japan drawing? Today I got an email from someone in US.


My name is **** ********, from Massachusetts, US.
I'm a japanese who has been locally fundraising for this time of catastrophic disaster.

I was very impressed  your "pray for japan" design,
Would you mind if I use your design for printing to attach our two or three of fundraiser coin box??
I'll print your name on it too (if its OK for you.)

I love your other stuff on your web too, you are definitely talented.

hope to hear from you soon,

I said yes, then he sent me the photo of the coin boxes.

Pray for Japan Coin Box

I'm happy.